The Permaculture Movement Grows From Underground

In this article, we get credit for Hayes Valley Farm. David claims we did the worlds largest sheetmulch. 1.5 acres in area, it took us a full year with regular weekly volunteer turnout at over 300 people. We installed over 80,000 lbs of cardboard and close to 1,000 cubic yards of mulch and horse manure. So far, nobody has called us to tell us we were wrong, I hope we were.

S.F. property owners to get tax break from creating urban farms

Our garden at 18th & Rhode Island is the first site in California to receive the Urban Ag Tex Incentives and we helped pioneer this important legislation with the help of the San Francisco Urban agriculture Alliance.

Empty lots now can be designated agricultural zones

A short piece that outlines the lead-up tot he Urban Ag Tax Incentives legislation. A good shot of people at 18th & Rhode Island inside.

Farming the City

This article started it all for us. Well before the “modern” Urban Agriculture boom in San Francisco, Kevin did a study to see if we could put vacant lots to productive use. The amount of vacant land, even in a city as dense as San Francisco, was surprising. Aaron Roland, the property owner of our garden at 18th and Rhode Island read this article and contacted us to see what Permaculture could do with his property. The rest is history.

Garden Guilds

The rooftop of the Food & Wine section of the SF Chron has had a rooftop garden for many years. We have been up there, sharing permaculture and helping the garden along. Theres a number of articles about us up there,we picked this one because it has some plant guild information.

San Francisco: turning back the carbon clock

British Airways has an inflight magazine and we were in it. Why you might ask? What does permaculture have to do with airplanes? Not much really, and neither does the article. Lots of cool stuff going on in SF these days, look inside to see just a few.

Permaculture Garden Takes Root in Potrero

Ancient history by now the ways things go in San Francisco. Back in 2008 we started our little garden and started teaching permaculture. How time flies. As of 2015 we have offered 27 permaculture design courses, each one has planted a tree there at “graduation”. Over 500 learners have gone through this garden, not to mention the visitors we entertain from around the world. Now with over 70 fruiting trees on just 5,000 square feet with lots of perennial polyculture magic going on. Come visit us sometime.