UPI Apprenticeship Application

David and I have humbly realized that given the limitations of our capacity given our current life design means that, without additional team members, UPI will likely miss significant opportunities to serve in alignment with our mission of producing relevant and accessible permaculture learning experiences and showcase projects in urban environments that support the popularization of ecoliteracy to inform a transformation of the habits, behaviors and norms of culture – to create a perma-culture.  


Expanding the team has been challenging for us as we attempt to navigate the dilemma of not having enough projects and teaching opportunities at any one time to formally “hire” anyone and acknowledging that we could likely develop additional projects if we had more team capacity.  In particular we are exploring the following opportunities:

  • Further developing and launching an online urban permaculture training based on our approach of “on-life” training.  We have slowly been working on this for years, but we need a committed partner to catalyze this project
  • Community capacity building permaculture training for Coastal Adaptation and/or Community Resilience.  Based on our recent project work though the Resilient By Design Bay Area Challenge we are being invited, along with UPI trainer Pandora Thomas, to work with communities around the Bay and in other parts of the world.  David, Pandora and I do not have the capacity to effectively respond to/develop the opportunities and solicitations for support.
  • Enhancing our regular Bay Area trainings.  We have partially developed opportunities to do additional in-person / “on-life” trainings in Richmond, East Palo Alto, San Jose and a couple of other locations.  Given our other projects we do not have the ability to effectively develop these additional training opportunities.


The idea about a broad spectrum solicitation for a role like this is somewhat emergent, so we are still developing a sense for what an apprenticeship would look like and we anticipate it would likely involve some co-creation.   Initially, of course we imagine this person would shadow on all in-person training and, depending on experience and confidence, begin facilitating/teaching training. We imagine developing the online training content would be a core component of this role   This would require both knowledge of permaculture principles and methods and, critically, graphic design and writing skills. We would provide mentorship on the permaculture design framing of the content, but we will not have capacity to provide training on graphic content development and writing.  Additionally, this role would involve a certain amount of project management and writing related to project development for community capacity building for coastal adaptation and resilience planning. We would provide mentorship on the content of the intersection of permaculture design and such community engagement, but will not have capacity to provide much training on the disciplines of project management and writing itself. Our thinking, while still coming together, is that success for this role would be someone that develops into a full time core UPI teaching partner, a partner in the online urban permaculture training and a trainer and project developer of community capacity building trainings. At first the apprenticeship is more likely to be a part time endeavor, mostly matching the teaching schedule of UPI with additional tasks each week related to developing the online training and other projects.


We are also seeking to diversify the team.As two white men, David and I recognize that we are likely creating barriers to the accessibility of our training which is antithetical to our value of access and inclusivity.   For this reason, we strongly encourage women and people of color to apply/inquire about this role.


To apply, please complete this form and submit requested samples per the instructions on the form: