What if I need to miss some days?
You get a lifetime membership with us. We make it easy to make up classes by simply coming to the next session we hold. You can also use this as a refresher or just to come and hang out.

Make up Sessions

Missing a couple of sessions is common.  If you complete more than 72 hours of the training, we will issue a certification anyway, but any particular class session can be made up in a couple of ways:

1. You can make up any of our sessions in our PDC in any subsequent season (we do it 4 times per year).  You can see the topic for the session you are missing by clicking through to the details of the sessions on the date(s) you will be missing on the course calendar you can then look at the dates for any subsequent season and match the topics with the dates and attend.  I recommend checking with David or I the week of attending a makeup session to confirm the location in case a field trip destination has changed or something.  We like to think of registration as a “lifetime membership” and many participants have come back to sessions to make them up or just to experience them again for deeper integration.

2. We have reciprocal arrangements with some other PDC trainers in the region who have a similar PDC format and who will gladly accept you into a class session at no cost to make up any particular session where the topics and content are substantially similar

What if I need special payment arrangements?
We have created flexible monthly payment plans for as low as $50 per month. We also have work trade options.

Nobody is ever turned away due to lack of funds or ability to work.
Have a special circumstance? Just get in touch and we will be sure you to help you out.

Work Trade

Work trade spots are limited and are generally reserved for folks who are unemployed. This opportunity is generally not a work-study type of arrangement and the task given may not directly relate to the training.

All work trade is done on an hour-for-hour exchange, one of your hours for one hour of class. We allow up to half of tuition to be done through work trade, thereby reducing your cost by half. We also offer payment plans for the work trade option.

If you would like to be considered for the work trade program, please click the button below and fill out the form.

How do I get in touch?
Contact Kevin or David directly

Kevin Bayuk

David Cody