The cost** for the course, with partial work trade discount, is $600 and runs approximately 75 hours over 18 sessions.

**No one is ever turned away for lack of financial capacity. Please contact us if you feel any of these tuition options are a barrier to your participation.

Worktrade Payment in Full
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Worktrade Tuition 6 monthly Installments at $100 for $600 total
100.00 every month for 6 months

Worktrade arrangements are crafted for each individual. Average commitments are about 30 hours. Most often work trade is performed during the course of the training (~ 10-14 weeks), but sometimes work exchange is arranged before or after the training itself. Our expectation is that work trade tasks will be in alignment with tasks that you are interested in and support your learning as well as contribute directly to UPI or indirectly to projects and people UPI serves and supports. Whereas we do support the maintenance of particular sites including Alemany Farm (SF), 18th and Rhode Island (SF), Alameda Point Collaborative Farm (Alameda), Hoover Elementary (Oakland), MA Center (San Ramon), there are a number of critical community projects in the Bay Area that need volunteers. By arrangement, your commitments to such sites count as work exchange for UPI PDC programs.